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April 19th Monday WiE Breakfast at Ideon Innovation

Ideon Innovation is a greenhouse for new ideas where we help startups grow to their dreams. We are located in the middle of the Ideon Science Park in Lund – a nurturing environment for innovation and collaboration. It is a place for people and a place for passion.

Together with Ideon Innovation, we hosted the WiE breakfast for a few female tech entrepreneurs. During the meeting topics were discussed on AI and digital coaching facilitated by Wala, the co-founder of Urkip, a digital coaching platform. Urkip is launching their MVP and the journey thus far has been incredible.

Majority of the discussion also took the form of food innovations and feedback for sustainable and edible straws Ooble, which is Divya’s creation. Feedback on Ooble was very positive, discussions continued regarding IP, financing, logistics and market value for Ooble. The different flavors that Ooble can be was a crowd pleaser topic as well.

Vanja educated the attendees on mobile and battery life, what it truly means to be an engineer and how to make sure a product sustains in the current ecosystems. Her discussions were matched with Yang’s discussion on Solar Panels and the social innovation project they are doing in Kenya with her company mbegusolar.

Overall physical distance and regulations were thoroughly followed but the vibrant energy of women supporting women reach goals and overcome entrepreneurial hardships were overwhelming. We truly each understood what the pandemic has cost us. Human connection. No amount of zoom meetings could match with the enthusiasm and ingenuity that this intimate networking event brought.

This fantastic event was facilitated by Sara Egidius, Head of Business Development at Ideon Innovations,  Sara provided useful input on Ideon Innovations and how they help bring fantastic ideas by innovative people to reality.

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Sara Egidius, Head of Business Development at Ideon Innovations, and  Ylva Lidin, the project manager, mentor and business developer for Venture Lab.


Divya Mohan : She is the Founder at Ooble and a Product Developer at Probi AB. Ooble is the World's first edible straws. Divya has developed straws that are 100% plant-based, biodegradable, and cost-effective while being functional. She is Lund University - Erasmus Mundus Food Innovation and Product design Almuni with experience at Probi, Oatly and Viva Pro. Read her fascinating story here

WJ Yang : She is the founder of Mbegu Solar. At Mbegu Solar, her goal is to make the transition from fossil fuels to solar energy easier and faster for consumers in emerging markets. She is a founder who strives to create difference and make the world a better place. She has a master's degree in Innovation and Global Sustainable Development from Lund University. Previously she has volunteered in HIV testing and consulting in Kenya and she has made impact in renewable energy sector.

Vanja Plicanic Samuelsson: She is the Founder and CEO at Qoitech. Qoitech provides disruptive developer tools for energy optimization of battery-driven devices. Vanja also has an Industrial PhD from Lund University as well as a bachelor in Electromagnetic Theory and a master's in Electro Science and Technology Management. She was a senior manager for Sony Mobile Communications, during her many years at Sony she conducted in depth research and innovation in 5G Focus on Cellular IoT.

Wala Liliana Loubani: She is a passionate growth driver with over 10 years of experience in the SaaS industry and with passion for technology. She is the CEO of UrKip which is an Ai bespoke digital career coach. She has multiple award winner on EMEA, NEU and Global level at Stanford, Google, Apsis, Marin Software and Green Leads. She is currently enrolled at Stanford University on leading change and innovation and she is a Lund Alumni and University of Gothenberg Alumni as well.

Cara Feng: She is a current Lund University - Erasmus Mundus Food Innovation and Product Design masters student and a prospective aspiring entrepreneur in food innovation. She collaborates with Tetra Pak on her master thesis while being a social and environmental impact entrepreneurship consultant for 180 DC Lund. She is dedicated to sustainable and diverse food systems, and improving the value share for farmers in the supply chain.

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