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Giving female founders an opportunity to break barriers in a male dominated industry

Women empowerment has become the buzzword today with women working alongside men in all spheres. They are increasingly gaining control over their lives and taking their own decisions regarding their education, career, and lifestyle. Unfortunately, both in Sweden and the remaining part of the world, only a small part of venture capital goes to companies founded by women. We should close the funding gap.

On the 29th of September 2022, the Skåne Startups team attended Female Founders at Slagthuset Malmö that gave women a platform to pitch their stupendous ideas. The event was organized by Dagens Industri along with other partners include Sting, Bonnier Ventures, Danske Bank, Almi invest, Hand in hand Sweden, and Fellowmind .

It is an event that celebrates female founders, executives, and investors who help female tech stars to reach their full potential. For six years in a row, they have created a meeting place for female entrepreneurs, investors, and people in the tech industry.

At the event, six of Sweden’s creative female founders pitched in a competition in front of a talented row of juries. The talented row of juries consists of Faten Mustafa, Investment Manager at Almi Invest, Sofia Hasselberg, Investment Director at Bonnier Ventures, Sara Linander, Investor and future strategist, and Joel Eklund, Investor & chairman of the board for TePe and Hövding.

Six companies pitched, and the jury selected two finalists – Tatiana Amaya Vanegas, co-founder, and CEO of the smart receipt service Clowid, and Charlotte Ljung, founder and CEO of the divorce platform Endbright. Meanwhile, the audience voted for Charlotte Ljung as the winner of Female Founders 2022 in Skåne.

Below is a recap of the 6 pitchers:


Charlotte Ljung is a founder of Endbright and the winner of Female Founders 2022 in Skåne. Endbright is Sweden’s first divorce planning service and was founded in 2019 to help people going through divorce and separation. Endbright offers support and advice throughout the entire divorce or separation. In their divorce planning, an individual can get personal help in developing a plan that suits their needs. Advisers in law, finance, well-being, children’s issues & housing issues are available. Charlotte came up with the idea after her divorce, she wished there were such services when she got divorced.


Tatiana Amaya Vanegas is a founder of ClowID, she has come up with a brilliant idea to digitalize and optimize the purchase process with an efficient, ethical, and sustainable solution. She executed her idea in 2017 in the diverse city of Skåne (Malmö). They are part of Minc Incubator’s current batch of startups and were a 2020Venture Cup Region Syd finalist. ClowID is the only digital Smart Receipt customer engagement solution with zero development upstart for merchants and complete end-user anonymity.


Patricia Moller is a founder of Poasana. Her idea was to have a healthy sound environment as she thought it was an important component to increase life and general well-being. Poasana offers a healthier sound that improves the sound environment and filters out disturbing noise. Poasana offers soundboards that are A-rated and contain the unique Mindwool component, which provides the highest possible absorption of unwanted sounds.


Kristina Ingvar is the founder of SpeakSum. SpeakSum is a real-time cloud-based meeting analysis tool dedicated to promoting more meaningful and equitable dialogue in meetings. SpeakSum was one of the winners of STARTUP 2022 at Venture Cup.


Maja Frankiewicz is a founder of Nikdev. Nikdev’s company's mission is to revolutionize the construction industry so that a climate-positive built environment is possible. They create digital solutions that enable transparent data flows for all actors in the built environment, to reduce (design, construction, operations maintenance), reuse, and recycle.


Jasmi Thrikediswarenaden and Cecilia Langéen are the founders of PayZlip. PayZlip is a user-friendly tool that simplifies everyday life for entrepreneurs, employees, and accounting consultants. With PayZlip you get time reporting, payroll administration, real-time analysis, and On Demand Pay in the same tool. The idea of Payzlip came when both founders found a shortcoming in the time reporting and payroll system they used daily.

We also had the pleasure of learning from Skåne's entrepreneur Charlotta Tönsgård and a knowledgeable panel of investors from Pale Blue Dot, Hetch and Fast Track Capital on fundraising and how we can work together to support more female founders.

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