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May 17th WiE Monday Breakfast at The Ground

May 17th WiE breakfast was mostly catered to Lund University students who specialized in Entrepreneurship. Skane Startups believes that it is the Startups generation who can change the future. The students had the opportunity to pitch their ideas to Viktoria from Minute, a groundbreaking startup that raised 12 million in their series B funding. Viktoria also shed light on how to make your startup a global enterprise.

The students, Lola who studies international development was keen on Ideas that actually takes off in the startup world. Alejandra, who scouts new startups for her internship at Sony Accelerator Program discussed how she is researching on crowdfunding and the impact for startups to receive venture capital if it is successful on crowdfunding platform. Heiram, who is also a Lund University student specializes in strategic communications and brought insights on sales data, market trends, forecasts, and strategic communication plans to the discussions.

The ladies who attended had the opportunity to hear a startup pitch from the CEO of Bottel, Lukas. Lukas and the female entrepreneurs discussed the company’s background and their go to market strategy. Furthermore, during the tour of our community partner, The Ground, these fantastic future entrepreneurs had discussions with Joel Larsson, General Partner of Pale Blue Dot; A climate tech VC that recently raised USD100 Million. Joel advised the attendees to go forth and work on their ideas, but also it’s the core values that create all the difference.

Overall, it was another vehemently impactful Women in Entrepreneurship breakfast event for all those who attended. Positive energy overflowed with the power of future entrepreneurship. If we don’t change the world, who will?

Community Partner : Thimar Innab @ The Ground


Romina Marchetti :  is a journalist & social communicator. She is specialized in digital marketing and in entrepreneurship and innovation at Lund University. She is talented in strategy planning for websites and social media, branding and benchmarking, online advertising, SEO and SEM, e-mail marketing, data analytics and performance reporting!

Lola Matmusaeva : Specializes in International Development and Management at Lund University. She has lived in 8 countries for the past 10 years through studies and work! She is passionate about sustainable and data-driven development. She has special interests in social entrepreneurship!

Alejandra Ramos : is a Peruvian-Dutch marketing professional whose projects and teams are lead with a “do-er” mindset. She believes that success in business development and relies on fostering relationships while making performance-based decisions. Alejandra is a senior partnerships manager at Sony Startups Acceleration program!

Viktoria Skara : Is the marketing manager at Minut. She specializes in international marketing and brand management as well as language and culture studies. Viktoria has international experience in Pepsi, Apple, Mintel, and Trainee!

Heiram (염해람) Yeom : Is an energetic team player who can support sales by providing sales data, market trends, forecasts, and strategic communication plan. She has four years of business development and marketing experience under both global and startup companies.

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