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Meet 9 inspiring female founders pitching at Nordic Fe: male Invest Summit

Nordic Fe: male Invest Summit  2022 organized by MINC was exciting, powerful, inspiring, and full of impressive ideas this year. It is not news that much less venture capital goes into female-founded companies in Europe. For that reason, MINC once more invited founders, investors, and organizations to get together and discuss the reason and what we can do to improve.  After all, if the needle has not moved, that does not mean that we should remain still. On the contrary, we need to take action.

In this year's edition of Nordic Fe: male Invest Summit, the organizers fostered investment by matchmaking between founders and investors. Additional to networking and matchmaking, we also enjoyed the pitch competition during which 9 female founders from the Nordics presented their startup.

Live from Nordic Fe:male Invest Summit 2022

The Pitch Competition

🚨🎯Eyescanner Technology

Eyescanner is AI-based software that detects the influence of drugs and alcohol through image analysis of the eye area and eye movements. Founders Jenny Johansson and Stefanie Najafi got asked questions about the accuracy of the solution and current customers.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Commu App

Commu is a Finish platform that is designed for people suffering from a lack of social support, and loneliness. It has become one of the fastest-growing community platforms in Finland. The jury was interested in how they measure the impact of the platform, the size of the user group, current sponsors, and how they deal with data privacy.


SCALINQ creates solutions that simplify the scaling of quantum computers for research teams and quantum computer manufacturers. Lisa Rooth explained to the jury that comparing computers to quantum computers, they are built and solve problems in very different ways. Quantum computers are expected to have more computing power in comparison.


DORA is a B2B SaaS product for the road freight transportation industry. They aim to reduce the industry's overall carbon footprint by giving carriers and freight forwarders the right tools to improve their workflows.

Sidsel Høyer Knudsen, one of the founders of DORA shared details about their target markets and scaling plans.


Sustie is an online tool to empower, educate and inspire people to make sustainable decisions when shopping online. They provide instant sustainability data on any item online and alternatives in rental, second-hand, repair and sustainable brand options.

Gabriella Bossman Helland, Sustie founder, shared more about how they are planning to attract brands onboard on their website.

🏥🔄 Rekonnect

Rekonnect is a B2B SaaS platform that helps MedTech companies achieve post-market success by combining device and user success in one platform.According to Brandy Xu, Rekonnect has many advanced benefits like the safe collection of post-market data for MedTech companies, cost reduction of device training for personnel, and increased MedTech device value & user retention, among others.

👩🏻‍🤝‍Asker Technologies

Asker Technologies helps companies recruit the right person for the job by supporting them in all phases of their job interviews. Asker helps companies build non-discriminatory and inclusive interviewing processes. According to Anna Åslund, co-founder of Asker, it only takes 7 minutes for recruiters to decide a person is a good fit and the names of candidates can determine which questions they get asked. Asker wants to prevent biases like that.

♻ARIS Robotics

ARIS Robotics develops state-of-the-art AI and technology that can automatically sort waste. Improving data and quality of recycling. Ann-Mia Ambjerg, the founder mentioned that recycling is highly dependent on consumers which leads to poor sorting. The company is interested in offering the solution to public and private recycling facilities, hospitals, and other companies. They are certain that integration is the way to go for them instead of conducting large reconstruction for the facilities.

👩🏽‍⚕️🥼 Konvoj

Konvoj is building an AI-powered and human-centered scheduling optimization platform, tailor-made to meet the staffing challenges of the health and long-term care sectors, using mathematical optimization. Tilda Lundgren, Konvoj founder, explained how digital solutions will improve the extremely manual IT system that is currently used in the care sector. Municipalities will be their main customers and one of their biggest challenges lies in public procurement.

Sidsel Høyer Knudsen from DORA won the pitch competition

The jury has decided to award Sidsel Høyer Knudsen from DORA to be the winner based on the quality of the pitch, market potential, team and their progress. Once again, huge congrats Sidsel.

We want to see a world which companies make impactful and sustainable business. The data has shown that companies with at least one woman on the founding team are now more than twice as likely to run an impact company. Let's hire, invest and mentor more women and people with diverse backgrounds.

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