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WiE Breakfast at Hetch

On Monday the 14th of June, some of the most innovative and entrepreneurial women gathered at Hetch Helsingborg. We had the pleasure of listening to ladies who are tirelessly working to make Helsingborg the most innovative hub of Skåne.

From the City Expo H22, Kristen brought insights on how entrepreneurial women can collaborate with them and Helsingborg stad to bring innovation and sustainability to their entrepreneurial journey. Irene showcased her sustainability oriented product gocircularity which is already in the market with innovative solutions for skincare.

Sally and Yana spoke about their mission in bringing and retaining international talent in Helsingborg. Martine and Patricia discussed their mission in health centered work spaces and about their fitness studios located In Helsingborg that cater to women empowerment.

Mia explained her role in sustainability solutions and Matou added insights on the role of MINC in Malmö and how different regions can collaborate to create a thriving atmosphere for female ventures. Emma from Hetch added what aspects need to be focused when raising capital for new ventures and the importance of networking. All in all the ladies shared incredible knowledge and insights on how to make Skåne the most innovative hub for female talent and entrepreneurship.

Community partner: Hetch AB


Irene Atance is the CEO and Founder of GoCirkulär AB. She has expertise in the achievement of KPI's or commercial strategies as well as identifying the best strategic solutions. Her studies in global nutrition and health, and the MA in leadership for sustainability with the focus of strategic management helped her establish her sustainability driven company.

Mia Blatancic Community Development Specialist at WeSolve. Mia is passionate in seeking sustainable solutions that she derived from the challenges she has experienced whilst trying to create a positive impact. By working for international businesses as well as non-profits, she has realized that in order to scale sustainability efforts, a systematic approach and organizational knowledge is crucial.

Patricia Bohlen  is the founder of Helsingborgs Kroppsterapi & Osteopatklinik. Her competence is a holistic approach in her practice. To see a "problem" from different angles. With combined expertise from yoga, ayurveda and osteopathy Patricia offers individualized treatment packages that treat body & mind, inner & outer health. Her goal is to promote long-lasting healthcare.

Kristin Englholm works with International Relations, H22, Helsingborg Smart City and contributes in the grand mission of making Helsingborg one of Europe’s most innovative cities. With H22 she has worked with projects related to innovation, sustainability and infrastructure.

Yana Mitskevich is an excellent communicator and founder of  Eventomania and WoWayClub. Yana works in international talent attraction and retention in Helsingborg. She has created a platform where international expats can participate in many events in the city to enrich their social lives.

Sally Russell. Since 2018, Sally has worked full-time for Helsingborg International Connections, the social enterprise she co-founded in 2013. HIC works in partnership with Helsingborgs stad to provide a warm welcome for international residents through English-speaking events, drop-in sessions, information and networking opportunities.

Matouleibi S is a Community Associate at MINC  She is specialized in development studies and has a background of banking and finance as well as developing financial literacy programs for marginalized communities in India. Currently, she is passionate about business development in Southern Sweden.

Martine Wenstad is the Founder of STÄ and She is also a coach, personal trainer, and a motivator. Her company FEELSTRONG especially helps women in their fitness journey and her company, STÄRK is all about health, wellness and fitness! Martine also has a management degree from BI Norweigian Business School.

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