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WiE Breakfast at Hetch Helsingborg

After a whole month celebrating female empowerment, we continued creating more innovative spaces for talented minds. Now, besides a delicious breakfast and dynamic networks, we provided insightful discussions on a sustainable future. Along with Hetch, we co-hosted the breakfast of The Future WiE: what it means to be a women entrepreneur in a sustainable smart city.On this occasion, Hetch, as a space for innovative teams, was a perfect setting to talk about this issue.

The discussion went on long and deep regarding what it truly means to be sustainable beyond greenwashing. Tracy, who is an ex-pat in Helsingborg reminded us that it is important to start with children. After all, when Brundtland Commission put together the report “Our Common Future” in 1987, sustainability was first defined as “meeting needs of the current generation without compromising the needs of the future generation.”

Hannah, who is the founder of cafe Bruket which specializes in ecological sourcing of beans and creating a friendly workspace, spoke about her journey in an aspiring smart city like Helsingborg. If you are in HBG, her cafe is a place not to be missed. Hanna is featured on H22 for her contributions in a member-owned grocery store to make sustainable food available to more people. This initiative is called the Matkooperativet Helsingborg, You can contact Hannah if you would like to volunteer your time with sustainable initiatives via Matkooperativat.

Via these ventures, she has been part of building a climate-focused community by way of a local climate contract. The local agenda is by the people and for the people of Helsingborg. They emphasize initiatives that create contexts where sustainability knowledge and resources are commonly shared.

Another inspiring attendee, Andreea who has an impressive engagement with the global sustainable travel and tourism industry shared her journey as well as her contribution at WeSolve regarding sustainability client services. Andrea contributed regarding how WeSolve is a network of organizations and citizens promoting sustainability and well-being through active collaboration and democratic public participation and her role in sustainability client services.

Rose educated the gathering on AI and sustainable animal farming, on their vision of empowering the livestock industry through AI & IoT solutions. Eva contributed to the discussion regarding Swedish waste management solutions. She extensively discussed her operations at NSR, which is the landfill and a circular hub for reuse and recycling, and RecoLab, which is the water company making use of the nutrients in the three pipe system such as blackwater, greywater, and RecoLabs’s food waste mill - where all food waste goes directly from the kitchen in the apartments and are turned into biogas and biofertilizers.

Aliya from Hetch shared her fascinating journey and how Hetch is an ecosystem of a great variety of fast-growing tech companies, startups, larger established innovation teams, and an inspiring community. Hetch thrives on sharing knowledge, flexible workspaces to create a cost-effective and innovative environment, Overall here is a list of attendees below.

Community supporters

Aliya Sabir, Community manager and Katinka Janson Frohm, First impression & Facility manager.


Eva Stal, She is a project leader of NSR with focus on sustainability issues. She is a cheerful soul with utmost strength in the internal and external relationship marketing. Previously she had decades of experiences in IKEA working on sustainability strategy. Read her story at H22 here.

Hanna Bergström, "When I die, I want to know that I have been part of making the world a better place, even if it’s only a small corner of it". She is the change maker. She is the Co-founder and board member på Matkooperativet Helsingborg. She is also an author of cookbook Vegan Vegan. Read her story at H22 here.

Rose Huang, She is currently the Head of Communication at, Sweden 1st animal monitor AI provider. Her passion lies in making complex brands, products, and solutions easily understood through storytelling, content marketing, and interactive campaigns both digital and traditional.

Andreea Neagu, She is the Sustainability Client Service Coordinator at WeSolve and MSc Sustainable Service Management student at Lund University.

Trace Tang, Originally from Malaysia, she has been living in Helsingborg 3.5 years. A distributor of well being products with state of the art technology which could change people's lives. She is open minded for new things and challenges and loves to meet new people.

Yvette Larsson, She is an IB PYP international educator and an EdStartUp innovator with a focus on education for 21st-century learners, using recent research in the field of neuroscience, making learning fun, and on a deep level through project-based learning, conceptual thinking, skills-focus and agency anchored in a classroom without walls.

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