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WiE Breakfast at Minc

We started June networking breakfast events with a group enriched by diversity, talent and ambition while leading discussion in entrepreneurship and sustainability for the Skåne region.

As a special segment, in the opening chat we enjoyed the participation of Karin Lintrup, Head of Sustainability from MINC who discussed topics on future of sustainability and what it means for MINC. As a key innovative institution of the region, MINC’s role in creating a sustainable future is admirable. Moreover, Karin’s inspirational voice was the start of a vibrant conversation about recognition of female potential in business environments. Likewise, we discussed the role of humility in the perception of our achievements and how we project ourselves towards others.

We enjoyed the company of impressive founders discussing their journey in sustainability such as ladies from Lufu Jacqueline and Hanna who has brought sustainable meat alternative to the Swedish food market based on the Lupin bean.

Cecilia helps companies build sustainable strategies through her company G-digit and Amanda who is catalyst for change making works in business development through her company Skördetid.Uppasana is currently conducting research on sustainable agricultural methods at Lund University and a specialist in systems thinking.

Andrea who is venture developer at Ideon innovations believes sustainable transitions start at personal level and will achieve global audiences through the impactful startups that Skåne region famously produces. The discussions ahead light on impressive personalities. Despite facing difficulties along the way, such as abrupt job endings, risky career shifting decisions, they are now leading sustainability driven businesses and high impact projects.

These outstanding ladies are great role models in the entrepreneurial community. Know more about their fantastic stories:

Community supporter

Dzenis Skopljak, Community Manager, Mia Levenius Facility Manager, and Karin Lintrup Head of Sustainability from MINC, Ylva Lidin, Executive Director of Venture Lab, and Matouleibi collaborator at MINC.


Hannah Barker is a Co-Founder at Lufu is a venture that provides sustainable locally grown lupin products. Lufu helps consumers to make healthy and sustainable choices by providing locally produced alternatives to meat and soy products. Hanna is a MSc Student in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Lund University.

Andrea Iseli is in Venture Development in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Ideon Innovations. She is a result-driven, dynamic and ambitious multicultural professional. Andrea is passionate about entrepreneurship, personal growth, inclusivity, and sustainability.

Cecilia Engfelt is the Vice President of G-digIT AB, a company that helps with developing sustainable strategies, environmental policy, and green ICT transformations. Cecilia helps companies to minimize digital carbon footprint and take part in the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development and long-term profitability.

Jacqueline Rohde Mohr is a Co-Founder at both Jules & Mohr as well as Along with leading sustainable food choices at Lufu, Jacqueline also helps her customers at Jules & Mohr to optimize concepts within the Food & Beverage industry, with the goal of creating memorable experiences for the end-consumers. Jacqueline is a MSc Student in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Lund University.

Amanda Schoenfeld is a talented Business Developer and a catalyst for positive change. She is passionate about sustainability, with a strong entrepreneurial mindset. She has a master's in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and is currently involved in marketing and business development for both Skördetid and Bona Fide.

Upasana Sen is a sustainability specialist skilled in systems thinking, multi-stakeholder engagement, strong statistical and computational research and analytical skills. Upasana has an interdisciplinary background in sustainability science with an emphasis on climate, environment, sustainable agriculture and food systems.

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