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WiE Breakfast at Mindpark Helsingborg

With the Support of Mindpark Helsinborg team, Skåne Startups hosted a fantastic Women in Entrepreneurship breakfast with some talented, enriched and diverse female talent from Skåne.

The conversations derived from entrepreneurial networks to what an ecosystem can contribute to empowering its female talent. Judith mentioned the importance of sustainability in driving startups and her role as an intrapreneur. Andrea discussed about her role in driving startups in Lund and her contribution.

Helena spoke about her role in Torch Advisory’s miscellaneous projects and interim leadership roles with sustainability and digital platform focus with multi-sided business models. Helena also drives sustainable solutions for air quality as well as replacing jet fuel with sustainable alternatives.

Shenny and Lina are at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journeys and contributed on the importance of increasing their network. Nellie will be raising funding to expand her online interior design service company, Hemset. Hemset provides fast, easy and affordable solutions for cafe’s or any place that needs design help.

Yvette, who is the Co-founder of AHA!, a company that works to enhance human potential through applied neuroscience contributed the future of edtech.

Community Partner

Helene Tigerström at Mindpark Helsingborg


Shenny Arquillano is the Assistant General Manager for Norweigian Cruiseline. She is originally from the Philippines and has experience in Hospitality and Services industry for almost 20 years. She is also an entrepreneur in the Helsinborg region and building a network and support system for her new venture.

Judith Baeta is a positive-thinker, intrinsically motivated and data-driven young professional. She is passionate about harnessing innovation to create more sustainable, inclusive and resilient societies. She is particularly interested in channeling innovation to enable sustainability transitions and to empower communities in the Global South. Judith is specialized in innovation and global sustainable development.

Lina Cai is a talented marketing manager who is experienced in strategic planning and building brand awareness. She has experience in enhancing customer experience and engagement in order to boost sales. Lina is a mother of three and currently working on developing an entrepreneurial venture related to toddler's items.

Yvette Larsson She is an IB PYP international educator and an EdStartUp innovator with a focus on education for 21st-century learners, using recent research in the field of neuroscience, making learning fun, and on a deep level. She is an expert in project-based learning, conceptual thinking, skills-focus and agency anchored in a classroom without walls.

Nellie Rolf is the CEO at Hemset who has a passion for people and a healthy lifestyle. Her broad technical education and business knowledge has helped her in developing Hemset. She has a strong background in strategic communications as well.

Helena Nordström is the founder and Managing Partner of Torch Advisory. Helena has created a path as an entrepreneur in mission-driven tech. Her speciality is multi-sided business models with the purpose of nurturing ecological and social efforts in ways such as digital engagement platforms, renewable energy solutions and air purification technology that battles Covid-19.

Andrea Iseli is in Venture Development in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Ideon Innovations. She is a result-driven, dynamic and ambitious multicultural professional. Andrea is passionate about entrepreneurship, personal growth, inclusivity, and sustainability.

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