Introducing the 2020 Fellows

The Lund Startups Fellowship: a 6 month long, free-of-charge program, filled with hands-on, real-world experience has kicked off! For the second year in a row a handful of Lund University students have been carefully selected.

The Fellows will be involved in deep diving into the local startup ecosystem in Skåne, organising their own student version of Skåne’s largest startup related event: Startup Live! and then they will all travel together on the other side of the world to get insights into the tech ecosystem of the consistently ranked top innovative place in the world: Silicon Valley.

“The students were not picked based on their year of study, field of study or pretty much anything related to school. What we looked for was that they all showed drive and initiative outside of their typical routines (work & school) and contributed to their student community. They are all driven to increase the entrepreneurial activities in Lund and take an active role in it.” says Vala Zulfiu, CEO of Skåne Startups.

The ultimate goal of the Fellowship is to create a stronger startup community among Lund University students. This Fellowship is organized in partnership with Lund University, Venture Lab and Skåne Startups.

Charlotte, a former Fellow from 2019, tells us a little about her vision for this batch:

“I am highly passionate about entrepreneurship as well as leadership and personal development. Therefore, I cannot wait to start the new year with my fellowship team! My personal vision for this year is that we will create a lasting community of like-minded people who are there to support each other in realising their dreams.” Charlotte Josam, Project Coordinator of Lund Startups Fellowship 2020.

We are thrilled to announce 2020’s Fellows:

Sara svensson.jpg

Sara is studying a Bachelor's degree in Development studies. She is passionate about business and hopes to have her own startup one day that will enable her to tackle some of the problems that exist in our societies.

Lisa is studying Strategic Communication in her Master's degree. She has a background in Communication Science and is enthusiastic about Branding and Crisis Communication since she worked in a communications consulting agency back home in Germany.

Gabriel is studying Information Systems in his Bachelor degree and pursues a Master degree within Entrepreneurship & Innovation. He is interested in how data and IT can be used to make people’s lives easier.

Olle is studying Industrial Engineering and Management and pursues a Master degree within Business & Innovation. He has worked with startups in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Malmö and is passionate about data visualization, product management and all things AI.

Lukas is pursuing his Master’s Degree in Innovation and Global Sustainable Development and plans to complement his studies with an exchange semester of social data science. He has worked for a start-up for over three years and is currently involved in a social impact consultancy.

Julia is studying a Media and Communication with minor in economics, project management and social innovation. She’s interested in how people and businesses can connect - to find the best possible solutions and create innovations.

Lukas’ main interests are math, physics and computer science. At the moment he is combing all three by studying engineering physics while working as a software developer. He is unsure if he wants to create his own tech-startup or become an astronaut.