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Lack of funding is one of the key reasons why startups fail. We aim to support founders in their fundraising journey by helping them tap into global venture capital. All services for startups are free of charge.

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With an extensive network with family offices, angel investors, and venture capitals both in Sweden and abroad, we aim to connect you with the right investors to accelerate your growth.

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Many founders pitch to investors too late. Even if you are not fundraising right now, come to speak to investors, build your network and grow your visibility.

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Do you want to hire talents, share a new product release, or have successful funding news? Tell us more about your startup. We are here to spread your exciting news in the community.

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Why invest in southern Sweden?

The next European unicorn is born right here in Sweden. Whether you invest in SaaS, hardware, food tech, health tech, or something else, you will find the world’s most ambitious entrepreneurs in this region. How so?

  • Most attractive region for talents

    Most attractive region for talents

    Malmö is the second most attractive city in Sweden for tech talent. It’s estimated more than 42,000 locals work within life sciences and over 60,000 are in information technology with 10,000 of those working within connectivity, digitalization, and data.

  • A rich history of cutting edge innovation

    A rich history of cutting edge innovation

    The birthplace of Bluetooth and the world’s first portable phone. The MAX IV, which analyses materials using the strongest X-ray light currently available, and European Spallation Source, which will be the world’s most powerful neutron source, are both located in Lund.

  • Increasing interest from global investors

    Increasing interest from global investors

    The axis of Malmö, Lund, and Helsingborg has attracted the third most investments in the Nordics. Investors like Sequoia, Atomico, and Index Ventures have all invested in startups here.

Are you an investor?

We provide you quality deal flow, host investor events, and help you tap into Sweden’s innovation hotspot.

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    Offer curated deal flow based on your investment focus and intros to relevant founders.

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    Boost your investor brand and increase your media visibility in the local tech ecosystem.

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    Help you navigate the startup scene and connect you to the right players.

We are a family office that invests in consumer hardware products. Skåne Startups team has arranged us to meet several exciting startups and different ecosystem players in Malmö. The startup scene in Malmö feels like my hometown Tel Aviv - vibrant and global. We hope to see more opportunities from this region.

Yechiel Lanzkron

Unorthodox Ventures

We have long engineering traditions in Skåne. We have good corporation between the public, the private and the education sectors. It allows us to come up with ideas but also has the structure to bring them up into viable companies. The Skåne soil is good for creativity. As Swedes, maybe we are slightly humble. We feel a bit like a well-kept secret and we'd love more investors to discover us.

Martin Backlund

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