Special talk with Leslie Alfredsson: It is time we bridge the gender divide

The first Women in Entrepreneurship  gathering of the fall season was the perfect opportunity to bring global talents together and have some insightful discussions. We started the day full of energy with an inspiring talk by Leslie Alfredsson, serial tech entrepreneur and current Marketing Manager at SMILE Business Incubator.

The discussion covered several topics around the impact of female entrepreneurs within the innovation ecosystem. Among some of the questions, we reflected upon why so many females do not identify themselves as entrepreneurs? And what can the startup community do to include them in the conversation? Concluding on the great role that inclusive language and communication play when addressing groups that in some cases are underrepresented.

But what actions can we as individuals take? Some of the answers we got from our participants were: do not be afraid to take the leap and start your own company; take up space and raise your voice to address inclusivity in the business world and ask for support when needed, the supporting organizations within the community are here to support founders

An interesting subject  that Leslie made the audience aware was Master Suppression Technique, a, social manipulation theory popularized by Norwegian social psychologist,#BeritÅs. The theory entails what happens when women are ignored at workplaces. Leslie highlighted that female founders should identify these trends at an early stage and counter them with thoughtful strategies.  

Guest speaker

Leslie Alfredsson is a serial tech founder with more than 15 years of experience in Marketing, Communication, and Brand building for a number of companies in the Americas and Europe.


Alexandra Silén is an experienced Business developer, passionate about creating meaningful bold projects with positive environmental and social impact. She recently moved back to Sweden, after living 13 years in Mexico, where she ran different projects providing microloans to empower female founders.

Daniela Luque is a versatile professional with a strong multicultural background and a proven project management record. She has a Masters in Public Relations and Retail & Distribution Business Management and is currently studying an MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Lund University.

Ellyne Phneah is a passionate professional with a broad background. She has 10 years of experience in journalism, public relations, integrated marketing communications, and partnerships. Working with companies across APAC, Europe, and North America, with a focus on the technology sector.

Joy Ong is driving new models of healthcare delivery, building strategic relationships with partners, and transforming healthcare financing as a Healthcare Administration Scholar. She is keenly interested in the developments shaped by the confluence of environment, health, and society.

Lavinia Apicella is the Project Support Officer & Assistant Analyst at SwIdeas AB working in projects within the fields of migration & labour integration, sustainability & circular economy, social entrepreneurship, active citizenship, and linguistic integration of immigrants.

Michelle Dessant is a content creator and video producer. On her Youtube channel, with more than 21K followers, she shares with her audience her experiences as a Mexican expat living abroad for 11 years. Her mission is to help people to adapt to new countries and discover the world in an affordable way.

Overall, it was an inspiring morning filled with uplifting discussions. And we continue in our journey to build an impactful and diverse tech community in Southern Sweden. We would encourage female-led startups and women entrepreneurs to continue seeking support, advice and networking opportunities aimed at reducing the gender gap in the region.