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Innovation Breakfast 2022 at Goto 10 Malmo
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Innovation Breakfast 2022 at Goto 10 Malmo

Innovation drives changes and it starts a revolution that the future generation eagerly awaits. The status quo of the world urges great innovators to contrive avant-garde techniques and provide solutions to solve the issues that need desperate attention, for example, climate change and gender equality. Established in 2015 by United Nations and its communities, the Sustainable Development Goals offer a holistic view of the key areas that human beings need to shift their eyesight on. Among the inter-connected 17 goals, one of them is SDG 11, e.g., ‘Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.' To make it happen before 2030, the Global Innovation Challenge was born.

Launched by the UNOPS S3i Innovation Centre in Sweden, one of the three centres across the globe, the Global Innovation Challenge welcomes applications from ambitious entrepreneurs bringing ground-breaking ideas to the communities. To give startups who are interested in joining the challenge a warm-up session, along with Malmö Stad, Malmö FF, Goto 10 and Skåne Startups, the S3i Innovation Centre hosted an extraordinary Innovation Breakfast on the 18th of February. The joyful event was joined by five brilliant keynote speakers. They are:

Anna Taussi, the Innovation Specialist at UNOPS S3i Innovation Centre Sweden. Working closely with other wonderful team members at the Centre, Anna introduced the aim of the Challenge: bringing together startups in the private sector and achieving the goal of sustainability. She shared a piece of exciting news that the Centre just moved from Lund to its new home in Malmö three months ago!

Ola Andersson, Business Development Manager at Malmö Stad. As a giant in entrepreneurship, Ola has accumulated sound experience in the startup world. After his role at Ideon Innovation in Lund, he was thrilled to embark on a position under the Department of Innovation and Development last summer. ‘I hope all of you could get into this great network and be part of it. Because it's great!’ He is looking forward to seeing innovative ideas that would have a profound influence on Malmö city.

Karin Heri, Head of Sustainability and Social Responsibility at Malmö FF. Proud to be the most successful football club in Sweden, Malmö FF has been undertaking social responsibilities proactively since 1910. Karin shared a story of Lupinta, a sustainable company specialising in soy alternatives, which has won one-year access to Malmö FF’s network. Karin wishes to bring Malmö FF’s resources to other startups to make Malmö a greater city. Speaking of future plans, Karin mentioned she and her colleagues are looking into the possibility of bringing children on board and designing a new For A Better Future Challenge.

Vahid Sohrabpour, Global Innovation Challenge alumni, Co-founder and CEO of Saveggy. With a savage name, Saveggy provides a bio-based edible vegan coating that preserves fresh produce without using sing-used plastics. Vahid shared an anecdote about people calling him ‘the cucumber guy’ and his determination to change the fact that plastic waste is engulfing our environment. His journey at the Global Innovation Challenge has been fascinating and he encouraged all the startups to be part of this.

Jonas Michanek, the Centre Manager for the UNOPS S3i Innovation Centre Sweden. Jonas firstly showed his genuine appreciation for all the help from his colleagues and other collaborating organisations. He touched on the Goal 11 and why we should get together to overcome the issues including environmental protection and women’s role in our society. When recalling the experience working with Vahid Sohrabpour during the previous Innovation Challenge session, Jonas was exhilarated to share the exciting moments of pitching. He welcomed the applications from all over the world.

A special thanks to Goto10 and its generous venue support. If you missed the event, you could watch the recording on YouTube >>>

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Innovation Breakfast 2022 at Goto 10 Malmo
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