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Startup Coffee Meetup: a successful launch at Goto10 despite the pandemic
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Startup Coffee Meetup: a successful launch at Goto10 despite the pandemic

Skane Startups and Goto10 have joined forces to launch the Startup Coffee Meetup, an informal networking event every two weeks where entrepreneurs can meet, interact and exchange experiences.

It all starts with an idea. Perhaps you have a creative project that you'd want to share with the world. Perhaps you wish to transform a hobby into something more, or even start your own company. You are more than welcome to join the event to share your vision and receive feedback from the community.

On this very first Startup Coffee Meetup, our discussion focused on sport and sustainability. First on our Startup Coffee joined Jakob Wikenstaal, a sports fanatic. Sport is the highlight of all his personal and professional work. Jakob's vision to inspire, make an impact and give back to the sports community led him to be one of the top 40 Sports Tech innovators in Europe, according to the European Sports Tech Report 2020 made by Sportstechx.

Sports jobs are hard to find, but it is a fast-growing job industry. In 2017, Jakob created a single platform for everyone who wants to work in the sports field. An easy way to find a sports job or the best candidates. Sounds great, right?

This is not the only benefit at Sportidealisten. Besides the sports job platform, Sportidealisten also provides blog posts with different perspectives to inspire ideas and knowledge for a successful career and team in the sports field. Besides being a board member of the European Association for Sport Management and hosting the Sport Views Podcast, Jakob is a co-founder of the Nordic Sports Tech, a community in order to put Nordic sports tech on the map and help more people raise awareness of the possibilities of what sports and tech can do.

During our Startup Coffee, we noticed how important it is to optimize your own time and realize that you cannot do everything yourself. Instead, partner up with individuals or organizations that share your vision, and build your team.

Oskar Söderlund recognized the benefit of connecting people. So last year, he launched Kaffekassan. Kaffekassan aims to help sports clubs and school classes earn money for activities together through sustainable products. Ingredients such as palm oil are used and sold by school classes and sports clubs every year. Kaffekassan wants to offer another alternative, more climate-smart, by building sustainable products for a sustainable future.

Oscar is currently searching for his best possible team partner. During our coffee, we discussed the importance of having the right partners. There are two sides to the business, ownership and operating. One of the most challenging things to understand is that your decisions today have a lasting effect. Other participants on the table provided Oscar with opportunities for exploring alternative strategies.

"You need a harmony of work. You need to be able to put the phone on a side and then say 'I'm off today because I can rely on somebody else to do the job with me'. So you can shut the door and then go on one big holiday if you can. You need to have peace of mind. And that's what you're looking for as a co-founder. "- Arash Sabet, Founder & CEO at Simply NoWaste.

Arash has over eighteen years of experience in the HoReCa sector, working mainly with the food supply. Now he is the founder of a company called Simply NoWaste. It's a FoodTech company focusing on upcycling residue products to contribute to the fight against food waste. Simply NoWaste thrives on finding a purpose for every byproduct and finding delicious one.

Arash wants to leave a better world for his three years old son. His goal is not simply to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030(SDGs) but also to help and to change the way manufacturers think about their byproducts by diverting these food components and re-classifying them as safe co-product with all the health benefits and high valued nutrition they contain.

The conversation was shortly joined by Ulf Littorin , the owner of inLingo. Ulf understands the art of gamification. Some people are graced with personal determination and motivation, others need support and recognition to accomplish goals and be active. He is on the way to connect the process of learning languages with sports.

You are a winner for taking the initiative and putting your company idea into action. However, you can't evaluate or improve your idea unless you test it. As a result, launch your offer and wait for comments from the rest of the world. That is the only way for your idea to reach its full potential.

Rather than doing business with strangers, people prefer to do business with people they know, like, and trust. As a result, establishing a reputable business network is a critical component of your entrepreneurial success. When forming a network, keep in mind that you're trying to form friendships rather than just business contacts.

Startup Coffee Meetup is happening every other Tuesday at 8 AM. We are excited for the next gathering. No registration is required. Drop in and meet like minded professional.

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Startup Coffee Meetup: a successful launch at Goto10 despite the pandemic
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