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Startup Coffee Meetup: coffee and connections to build and grow your business
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Startup Coffee Meetup: coffee and connections to build and grow your business

The strongest business projects are a unique mix between innovation, creativity, and ideas collaboration. We know well in the community that 80% of your future business success will come just from 20% of your existing relationships!

That's why creating networking spaces is one of the key tasks that we promote in the ecosystem. Thus, we have re-started the project Startup Coffee Meetup, the must be encounter that fosters open interactions among exceptional innovators.

Starting with two gatherings after the summer, we have had insightful conversations and bonding sessions with outstanding Skåne-based talents.

In our last Startup Coffee Meetup co-hosted with Goto10, many amazing people joined. Every one was different, but all were vibing with an entrepreneurial spirit. Here you can read part of our crowd:

Gustaf Jhaveri, CEO at Kami Compliance, a data privacy consultancy working with small- and medium-sized enterprises across the EU, bringing them to compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other similar legislation.

With their services modulated and price-adjusted to meet SME budgets, you can tailor your compliance project to satisfy tight deadlines without sacrificing quality. In addition, Kami works hands-on with data privacy representative to provide easy-to-understand training material, audit reports, strategy and implementation, templates, policies, and more.

Jan Svensson, an experienced Frontend Developer with a track record of success in the computer networking field. He is interested in new technologies such as machine learning (mainly neural networks), augmented reality and the blockchain. Also, he is keen on project methodologies and efficiency. Jan has strong engineering professional skilled in Javascript, Swift, C++, C#, Java and Agile Methodologies.

Katja Fjellström  is driven by inspiring, leading and finding synergies that create relationships. At Minc she works with early stage startups as a business coach, helping them to accelerate their startup journey.

Alejandro Bustos Bedoya is a strategist and communicator. ​​He has been writing his story in almost every field in communication for around ten years (strategy, CorpComms, advertising, among others). Previously, he worked with several brands and companies, convinced that first comes the person and then the brand. He strongly believes in sympathy and problem solving as powerful tools. Alejandro is a co-founder at Severa Agencia, a company that seeks solutions through asking the right questions and representing all people.

Mireille Gagnon was part of Massive Entertainment. She led a team of 8 animators; dispatch work, synch with other departments (game design, gameplay animation, level design, tech), task planning, perform team members' performance evaluations, and organize/ plan mocap shoots. Last year she perfected her eco/urban farming skills and established her new company Gardener’s little helper.

Daniel Vaknine and Måns Skogman are co-founders of Visslan (Swedish for Whistle). Vissan is a contemporary whistleblowing software for companies of all sizes and verticals. Following the new EU regulation, all workplaces with over 50 employees must set up a whistleblowing system. They are offering the most user-friendly, affordable and modern whistleblowing software on the market for companies who want to uncover eventual improprieties in the workplace and correct them fast and easy.

Alexandra Silén is currently a Business Developer at food tech startup Lupinta. Alexandra has extraordinary professional experience. She started in the sustainability sector in the UK and continued as a project manager in the Embassy of Denmark in Mexico. After spending a decade in Mexico, Alexandra is back in Sweden. She is extremely interested in Blockchain/Cryptocurrency and willing to discover and learn the field in detail.

Yasmin Sakhnini is a content creator. Her mission is to empower women around the world. In the last few months, she has grown accounts on social media with about half a million followers and more than 22 million views.

Paul Mac Carthy has experience in the banking sector in Chile as well as the startup world in Argentina. Love brought him to Skåne recently. Currently, he is practically using his financial knowledge in LifeBonder. The LifeBonder mission is to create a social media platform that lives up to the promise of what social media can be: A tool to facilitate human connections rather than replacing them. At the same time, Paul is a business angel and advisor, helping people in LatAm achieve their financial wellbeing.

Sunil Themadath is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in identifying and developing new channels. With his previous management experience in India, Sunil arrived in Sweden in 2016. He joined the Board of Ngroceries AB to manage and grow their strategy.

Gertrude Chilufya Westrin is a tech advocate. She is an extremely creative individual. She enjoys the confidence programming gives her, making her feel like a superhuman when she sees the results of her creations, while the challenges and frustrations keep her humble (grounded). Gertrude brings the importance of diversity in tech. She is the team member that you need if you want explosive startup growth!

Mustafa Al-ameri is part of the Swedish Police Authority as a Project manager. He is a young, ambitious man with strictly focused goals- In the next five years, he is dedicated to becoming a key person in the construction industry in Skåne. Mustafa is working hard to fulfil his dream.

Nazar Novak is an experienced Software Engineer. He is a dedicated problem-solver and puts a lot of effort into communication to produce the best products in the world. In addition to his experience working as an engineer, he developed an online presence  for companies such as Crowdin, Min Doktor, Coherence.

Nicholas Reilly is founder and project director at The Atomic Heroes, an action-adventure story starring all 118 elements of The Periodic Table and their superpowers. Nicholas is in charge of storytelling, worldbuilding, character design, characterization and marketing strategies across all social media platforms.

Dan Gärdenfors is designer and CEO at nobiz. They design and communicate new ideas together with startups and innovation teams. Customers include Sony, E.ON, Prisjakt, Verisure, Instabridge, NE, Spiideo and Minut. Read more about how we work with accelerators, design and videos at Nobiz. Moreover, Dan is a Head coach at Sony Startup Acceleration Program Europe (SSAP Europe).

Sahil Taneja is a graduate master student in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Lund University. His professional background is in Product management, specialized in mobile and connected experiences, having built iOS and Android apps, responsive websites, and chatbots.

Olga Zaporozhets is a master student in Communications at Lund University. Olga received the prestigious Swedish Institute scholarship, and she is also a Hertie- & Visegrad-Fund alumna. Moreover, Olga is team lead, strategic communications and programme manager for arts, culture, creative industries and education.

Startup Coffee Meetup is happening every other Tuesday at 8 AM. We are excited for the next gathering. No registration is required. Drop in and meet like minded professional.

If you want to featured in our blog post, email us at

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Startup Coffee Meetup: coffee and connections to build and grow your business
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