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Startup Coffee Meetup: your new playground for exchanging business ideas
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Startup Coffee Meetup: your new playground for exchanging business ideas

Touted as Europe's response to Silicon Valley, the startup ecosystem in Skåne is upbeat with ideas, innovation and tech know-how. At Skåne Startups and Goto10, our goal has always been to find solutions to the unforeseen challenges posed by the community and subsequently create greater value and opportunities for both existing and upcoming talent. Following our passion for establishing a thriving and open entrepreneurial ecosystem in Skåne, we host Startup Meetup Coffee Meetups every other Tuesday.

With Startup Coffee Meetup, we are on a mission to create a dynamic entrepreneurial community that is constantly evolving. The main goal of our event is to focus on networking. The most defining characteristic of networking is its possibility of influencing a macro level by solving social, ecological and environmental challenges.

In our latest Startup Coffee Meetup, we were introduced to  a group of talents that exchanged ideas, wisdom, goals, a sense of purpose, shared identity, fellowship, collective accountability. Moreover, we witnessed a commitment to develop Skåne as the most potent innovation focal point in the world.  

We interacted with some enthusiastic local talents like the likes of  Marcus Ekström, who brings with him  over 25 years of entrepreneurial intelligence, A CEO and investor par excellence, Marcus boasts a robust experience of developing multiple business ideas and heading dynamic portfolios in the past.  Marcus is passionate about driving business ideas and companies with the help of data-driven business model analysis and understanding key business figures. He is leading Upgig, a human resource tech company that enables organizations to increase the flexibility in their business while working with young and dedicated talents.

Our next participant, Volodymyr Melnyk had a lot of inspiring insights to share given his  credentials in scale-ups and building B2B & B2C solutions as a product designer and software engineer. Currently, he is a co-founder of an early-stage B2B startup Estabild. Estabild is a single source of truth for construction project stakeholders to have reliable data and predictable outcomes.

We were excited to have female-led startup representation in the form of Shareen Galsgaard, a co-founder of Kitchen House . Her startup is focused on providing a large selection of flatware, dinnerware and glassware to the hospitality industry.

We interacted with Jernej Dekleva, accelerator and innovation program catalyst. He currently works in the capacity of accelerator program specialist at Sony Startup Acceleration Program Europe.

It gives us great encouragement to  interact with joint co-founders of a startup. This brings forth different perspectives in achieving common goals for the venture. One such example was the duo of  Christopher Jorntell and Snehan Chakravarthi, the co-founders of Jezeroc Design, a startup that develops innovative furniture and other essential products that has the potential to shape the future of the design industry . Currently, they are awaiting a pattern approval for their new product.

Talking about co-founders, we had attendance from both founders of Jonas Kjellander and Sebastian Kentander provide quality and interesting comparison of food options through their online platform.. In their initial stage of their business into the business, it was interesting to hear them passionately talk about how they aim to bring about a shift in the catering industry.

Filip Larsson is an  entrepreneur and real estate Investor. Filip is an investor and board member of 46elks, Fast Track Capital and Katam Technologies AB. Furthermore, Filip is the owner of Laris Fastigheter, a real estate company that invests in and owns properties in the Skåne-region.

At Skåne Startups and Goto 10, what we are witnessing is an increased business opportunities and surge of ambition level. There is a huge potential for both existing and early startups to grow into big players within a relatively short period of time. This is why we always feel it is important to keep a close eye on the region. It is our constant endeavour to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams by providing all the support they need.    

We were overjoyed at the conclusion of yet another successful meetup that brought together  business developers, graphic designers, video editors, and web developers who were on the lookout of potential opportunities to collaborate with. We foresee immense potential for these budding and existing entrepreneurs of Skåne whose ´go global´ attitude makes their business ideas attractive and investment-worthy.

With brilliant minds in the cluster, Startup Coffee Meetup is the perfect networking opportunity to discuss ideas, help each other, learn from each other and be inspired. Anyone interested is most welcome. Drop a mail at for any queries or information. See you every other Tuesday at Goto 10 Malmö, 8:30 am.

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Startup Coffee Meetup: your new playground for exchanging business ideas
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