WiE Monday Breakfast at The Ground, a digital expert hub

We broke away from zoom meetups and had an intimate breakfast in Malmö with inspiring female talents. The participants had the chance to meet some innovative female entrepreneurs, network, discuss their startup ideas.

We invited 6 females talents to share their experiences on building a gender equality and diverse workforce. We discussed the challenges that women currently face in workforce both in Sweden and abroad, especially the barriers and difficulties for mothers when climbing the professional ladder. We also talked about the problems that are still evident in society on issues of equity on opportunities.

Community Supporter

Thimar Innab, CEO of The Ground. The Ground is a digital expert hub in Malmö. It is an entrepreneurial co-working space and community filled with hard-working, nice people who build scalable digital products.


2021 March 29th, 9 am


Brandy Xu: She was the Marketing Manager at MiniFinder Sweden AB and she have great experience in digital marketing within the innovation and technology industries. Now she is starting a new company called Knologram.com, a knowledge management solution company.

Mimmi Nikolaisen: She is an experienced TV presentation, and media professional. Now she is the Head of Content at Knologram.com.

Sofia Sundbom: She is a curious, people-centric, and data-driven engineer and now works as a talent acquisition engineer at Bimobject, a global innovative startup based in Malmö.

Lizen Johansson: She runs the SPIRA project at MINC, an initiative from the Skåne region to provide support to startups (NEWBIZ) and growth companies (BIZ) in Skåne. She also works for SURR, a communication agency that uses graphic design and videography to visualize brands, campaigns, and concepts through strategy and identity.

Natalia Szyszka: She works as the Co-creation Leader at IKEA Group. She creates the ways of working, tools, and solutions to enable great ideas to be realized. She is also passionate about psychology.

Fabiola Cordova: She is a researcher Ph.D. Candidate at Lund University. Her current research focuses on Marine Coastal Ecosystem Biodiversity and Services in a Changing World project. Before that, she worked for the United Nation in Italy.

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