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New to the Community

According to the Global Startup Ecosystem Report, “Beyond relationship-building, a healthy sense of community fostered by founders helping each other is highly correlated with overall ecosystem performance.” We aim to build the most connected startup ecosystem.

Are you looking to learn from other founders?

We believe local and global connectedness is the key to fast-growing startups and a healthy startup ecosystem. We organise events and workshops to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs within Sweden and abroad.

A group of early stage founders sitting around a table with coffee at the Startup Coffee event
Startup Coffee

Every month, we host Startup Coffee at Goto10 for everybody who has a startup idea and wants to meet like-minded professionals. Drop-in, grab a coffee, and network.


Volunteering at events is a great way to enter the ecosystem, build your network, find jobs, and connect with like-minded individuals. Skåne Startups offers regular events and welcomes enthusiastic volunteers.

Creative Working
Starup Jobs

Are you a talented individual seeking an exciting job position at a startup? Skåne Startups is bringing a new platform soon, where startups will regularly post new job opportunities to find exceptional talent like yourself. Stay tuned for updates!

Brewing Connections: Startup Coffee Experience

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