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Alejandra Durón Briones

Story of Alejandra Durón Briones

I fell in love with the architecture when I saw Venice for the first time. It was impressive how each city adapted to its surroundings. Until now that has not changed, and that is why I decided to become an Architect, I enjoy getting to know new cities and knowing the history of each one of them, either through a book, a movie, or visiting them.

What's your story before Skåne Startups?

I studied architecture in Aguascalientes, Mexico and completed one exchange semester in Malaga, Spain. It was an experience that aroused my curiosity to see the world and love architecture even more.

My professional career began in 2012 in Mexico, I have worked in different branches of architecture, from large-scale construction, such as shopping centers and hospital remodeling and to restorations of Mexican Heritage buildings, such as the interior design of homes and offices. I have also worked at the National Institute of Anthropology and History, protecting the Historical Heritage of Aguascalientes. I have been Project Director at the architectural firm ARKIDEK Construction & Design.

Years after finishing my studies in Mexico I decided to move to Spain where I worked as a Project Draftsman at CIAMAX Arquitectos y Abogados, soaking myself in ancient Andalusian architecture.

Alejandra Durón Briones worked in Spain 

What was your role at Skåne Startups?

As a Brand Strategist, I supported the marketing team on all marketing and communication related activities. For example, I developed all kinds of visual content and materials for the social media channels. I built the branding and communication guidelines for the team and created guidelines that define our company’s voice both online and offline (including terminology and slogans). Most recently, I was involved in the project of designing the Health Tech Sweden report.

Alejandra Durón Briones was working at the office

What did you enjoy the most at Skåne Startups?

I enjoy the teamwork and get support among colleagues, brainstorming, and the moments where we talk about plans and strategies to carry them out.

Alejandra Durón Briones (1st on the left) was having a good time with the team

What is your advice for other talents?

My advice is to not stop being curious and to have the confidence to take advantage of the opportunities.

Alejandra Durón Briones said it was important to sieze opportunities in life

Something you are unreasonably passionate about?

As an architect, what irrationally fascinates me is architecture, but this passion has come to me since I was little, since I love art in general. I am happy spending an afternoon walking and seeing museums, just as I am spending an afternoon painting or watching a good movie.

Alejandra Durón Briones traveled around the world but found Malmö to be the home

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Alejandra Durón Briones
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