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Catalina Ordonez

Story of Catalina Ordonez

I am a true believer in the power of communication to transform organizations, both inside and out. Using my experience, a particular hunger for knowledge, and extra Colombian energy, I am constantly involved in projects that manage content as a source for connection and influence.

What's your story before Skåne Startups?

I have a bachelor in Journalism and a Master's degree in Strategic Communication from Lund University. Before that I've worked at Rosario University (Colombia) as Internal Communication Manager. I've worked for a decade within communication and marketing teams, specializing in developing multimedia content for internal and external communication.

What was your role at Skåne Startups?

I was in charge of the marketing channels, supporting the core business lines and developing organic communication strategies. For example I planned and executed marketing plans for digital channels, to increase engagement with the community: developed multi-channel online content for ongoing projects; conducted email marketing campaigns; and built relationships with other startup ecosystem partners. Working in the fast-changing entrepreneurial setting I have sharpened skills to connect with international stakeholders.

Through content for digital channels, I helped to position tech startups in a business environment and support their needs to interact with investors. Analyzing and understanding their particular needs, I have created effective communication strategies in English and Spanish, to serve as a link between ecosystem actors.

I also supported activities that promote founders and help them build long-lasting relationships given by their connectivity needs, such as networking breakfasts. I served as a guide to endorse their business by driving their strategic visibility with partners and investors with a customer-oriented perspective.

Catalina Ordonez were speaking at Goto10 coworking space

What did you enjoy the most at Skåne Startups?

Creating spaces for meeting new people every week. It's wonderful to see people fulfilling their dreams and having the opportunity to support the community. Being part of a small but eager team with big ambitions, encouraged me to give my best to the project.

Catalina Ordonez (the person who stood up) hosted the WIE fika at MINC

Can you tell us about your current work?

I'm a Content Marketing Associate in a SaaS company for the aviation industry. I create cross-channel content and develop strategies to grow the organic and paid reach of the brand.

What is your advice for other talents?

Technology is a never-ending improving field. So, staying on top of the leading developments is crucial to success.

Something you are unreasonably passionate about?

Trying new things. Discovering new places, activities, food, people, or music, hypes me. I'm in constant search for the unknown.

Catalina Ordonez with the Skåne Startups team 2021

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Catalina Ordonez
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