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Eric Raj

What is your story before Skåne startups?

I'm a native of Trincomalee, a small coastal town in Sri Lanka. Since graduating, I have grown a successful career with some of the leading organisations in FMCG, e-commerce, textile & apparel sectors. Interestingly, however, my work for international donor and development agencies surrounding social entrepreneurship served as a personal wake-up call and eventually led me to pursue a career in sustainable development. I'm currently reading for my Master's degree in Leadership for Sustainability at Malmö University.

Why did you want to work for Skåne Startups?

As a communications professional, I wish to expand my organsiational skills and establish myself as an "Impact Facilitator" among peers in sustainable project management and ESG communications. I'm positive that my intentions could lead to better outcomes and thereby give people the best chance at improving their lives. 

What is your advice for other talent?

Put yourself and what you stand for out there and build meaningful connections. The real flex is surrounding yourself with the right "tribe" with the right mindset!

What are you unreasonably passionate about?

My grand plan is to put Sri Lanka's coffee back on the world map while promoting a circularity mindset. I share a passion for social entrepreneurship initiatives and I'm hoping to scale up my startup idea based on upcycling coffee fruit waste. Apart from that, you can find me hiking, plogging along the beach and playing handball or jazz trumpet. 

Contact infortmation:

Eric Raj
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