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João Nunes

Story of João Nunes

Simply seize opportunities. Start. Interact with people. Treat people kindly and care about them. There is no perfect opportunity.

What's your story before Skåne Startups?

I have always been interested in the field of communication, talking to people and understanding their points of view. So, everything I've done so far revolves around that.

Prior to my experience as Marketing and Communication Coordinator during the first semester of 2022, I worked as an Administrative Manager in the Lund Formula Student team, evidently from Lund University. For those who may not be familiar with the Formula Student project, this is a 100% run by students project (with the proper supervision of qualified professors, of course). It is about the conception, design and manufacture of a Formula 1 type vehicle. Yes! You didn't read it wrong.

Several students from different fields of knowledge (although most of them from the Engineering field) come together to build this “mini” Formula 1 car. After they build the car, they compete with other universities around the world. In this project, I worked for 7 months as an Administrative Manager, supervising the areas of Events, Finance, Corporate Relations, Marketing and Communications.

During this time I was still in my BSc in International Business (also Lund University). Before coming to study in Lund, I studied 1 year at the University of Brasilia (University of Brasilia) in BA in Political Science, where I also participated in interesting projects. My favorite, without a doubt, was being a teacher assistant in the Introduction of Economics course. It was a time when I was teaching 120+ students at one of the best universities in the country (Brazil). At the time, I felt strongly that I was heading in the right direction, and the rest will be told below.

Rebecca Mattsoff (left) and João Nunes (right) were at NEF fireside chat 2022

What was your role at Skåne Startups?

As previously stated, during my time at Skåne Startups, I had the privilege of being a Marketing and Communication Coordinator. In this position, my main role was to contribute to the integration of the startup community in southern Sweden.

In other words, my goal was to bring more and more students (a group in which I belonged and had greater contact), investors and startups together. This was done in several ways: copywriting, blogs, posts on social media, holding events, networking, in short, spared no effort to ensure a fluid and natural interaction between these 3 groups.

One of my favorite experiences was undoubtedly helping to organize the first Student Startup Matching 2022, carried out in partnership with Drivhuset, VentureLab, Minc and Kristianstad University. Seeing the whole process backstage was amazing, but being the host along with the presence of the great Thathsara Palliyaguru was one of the highlights of my year 2022.

Thathsara Palliyaguru (left) and João Nunes (right) were hosting Student Startup Matching event 2022

What did you enjoy the most at Skåne Startups?

All team! Our tuning was very good, natural and collaborative. Everyone on the team got along great with each other and of course I loved being a part of it all. I was honored to be part of this team composed by Xavier Chen, Sizwe Mabaso, Ashley Schilling, Prudence Nyarai, Green Fu, Punit Thorat, Katalin Vikuk, Deniz Idil Altan, Poliana Dias, Zarish Adil, Karolina Liljeroth-Dorozynska led by none other than Zhenni Liang.

It was a very international team, each having its home country with different cultures. I had a great time internally with my colleagues, but I can't help but mention all the new connections I've created. Without the slightest doubt, Skåne Startups was a determining factor in the success of my career here in Sweden. For this reason, whenever there is space, I like to thank Zhenni Liang for giving me this opportunity. It's a true learning period! Everything happens very fast and you deal with a huge range of people. Literally what I like to be doing. And, of course, if in the company of genuine people, even better!

Rebecca Mattsoff (left) and João Nunes (right) were hosting NEF fireside chat

Can you tell us about your current work?

I recently started a new job at Tetra Pak. I am a Sales Administration Officer and my focus is the Iberian market. In this position, my main role is to deliver first class customer service at the lowest cost, in the shortest possible time and of course with maximum customer satisfaction.

I act as the main contact for customers and companies in the market regarding parts orders and inquiries. Within this process, of course, there are details: interacting with these two groups by phone and email, performing sales administration tasks through various internal tools and systems, and working in close cooperation with European market companies and other internal departments.

Additionally, what I also really like is my team. My colleagues are super genuine and collaborative, always willing to help me. It's also a very international team, which I appreciate. In short, I have the privilege of being able to continue working with what I like: people.

João Nunes (1st on the lower right) with team at SaaSiest 2022 April

What is your advice for other talents?

I was having this reflection the other day: most of the things that make the most sense are the things that are said to be obvious or clichés. And here this is no exception. Once the message of something is really understood, then it has a true meaning and if applied correctly to our life, it is capable of generating unimaginable possibilities. So what I want to say to new talents is:

Simply seize opportunities. Start. Interact with people. Treat people kindly and care about them. There is no perfect opportunity. We will never know something perfectly well to start at an ideal time. So do your best! Regardless of your conditions. Maybe some have better conditions than others, but that's not the focus and shouldn't be. Work within your own resources and aim to deliver as much as you can given your circumstances and realities.

Do not be afraid to start the next opportunity. Go and learn along the way! Even if in the end you may not have liked a particular experience, I'm sure you will have learned something new!

Something you are unreasonably passionate about?

Helping people. People have always been in my area of interest, because I think that when we care about a person, we open up a space within ourselves for the other to exist. When we care and we are also important, we leave a little bit of ourselves with each person who passes through our life and we take a little bit of them with us too.

This is fascinating to me, as a strong believer that every individual has something relevant to teach. So sit down, listen to them, be patient, learn something, share your experiences with them, establish a dialogue and so on. Social life, connectivity, interactions are crucial points for an individual's success. So, make sure you are fully aware of the topic. And if we haven't had the opportunity yet, please reach out to me. I want to learn more from you and about you.

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João Nunes
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