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Nantli Soto Guerrero

Story of Nantli Soto Guerrero

Living abroad and working in international environments has taught me to see individuals with personalities, values and traits not as a simplistic representation of their nationality. That is why I like meeting people from different parts of the world and experiencing different cultures, traditions, places and food. It makes me value my country and be more critical of other things I do not like. I discovered that, at the end, people have more things in common than differences.

What's your story before Skåne Startups?

All my professional life has been connected to corporate communications. Before Skåne Startups, I was working at Tetra Pak in a temporary assignment doing internal communications for the Human Resources Department. Previous to that, I lived one year in Lund when I was studying for a Masters Degree at Lund University.

I was one of the eldest students of my master’s program. It was strange because I have almost nine years of experience working in companies like Siemens and L’Oréal in Mexico and going back to the university was a shock. I did not expect that.

However, I enjoyed my time in Lund and I learned a lot. I valued the opportunity that I had, and I am thankful for receiving an scholarship to study at Lund.

In Mexico I worked in communications departments doing internal campaigns, employer branding, external communications, and supporting different business areas in their marketing efforts. One thing that I am proud of is that I help strengthen the reputation of Siemens in Mexico after a long period of crisis and  I positioned L’Oréal on the list of the most socially responsible companies in Mexico. I feel proud of those and more achievements because they were the beginning of a strong presence of both brands in the country. Today I feel happy that both continue growing.

Nantli Soto (1st from the left) with the team at TechBBQ 2022

What was your role at Skåne Startups?

As a Marketing and Communication Manager, I developed the strategies and took the plans into action. I prepared different marketing materials, planned and scheduled promotional events, developed content for company newsletters, and tracked ROI and the effectiveness of various marketing campaigns/ communication strategies.

I represented the team and attended all kinds of startup events and increased brand awareness on various social media platforms and offline modes. I like learning about the entrepreneur life and all the actors involved. The more I learn, the more I can understand the needs and help the community.

Nantli Soto (left) was working at The Drop Conference 2022

What did you enjoy the most at Skåne Startups?

What I like the most is the opportunity to meet people from the community. Skåne Startups is an organization that helps build and strengthen the entrepreneurship ecosystem and it is necessary to interact with multiple stakeholders.

Nantli Soto (1st from the right) with the team at Nordic Fe:Male Invest Summit 2022

Can you tell us about your current work?

I love writing and making visuals for social media. It seems easy but when you are responsible for multiple channels you need to take care of details and keep up with the plan.

Nantli Soto was working on the copywriting of the official website

What is your advice for other talents?

I think that starting your own company is a challenging and rewarding experience at the same time. So, take your time to recognize the strength that you have and think how unique you are just for that. Keep close to people that inspire you in your journey.

Nantli Soto (right) at Lund University Global Scholarship holder welcome event 2019

Something you are unreasonably passionate about?

Crafts. I really like painting, cutting, sewing or making things.

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Nantli Soto Guerrero
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