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Pasinee Tangsuriyapaisan

What is your story before Skåne startups

I was in Thailand working in the finance and legal sectors for about 9 years. Then I have come to a crossroads where I needed to decide if I wanted to continue working like that for the long term. The answer is no. I felt that the world is much bigger than what I got from my work, and I want to explore more. That’s why I end up here in Sweden, where I believe I can see more about the world from different aspects.  

Briefly, about my bio, I worked as a business lawyer in a law firm in Thailand, focusing on M&A transactions, integration, restructuring, divestment, investment, and related matters that clients asked for. One of the enjoyable moments about my work was when I saw my clients happy when the deals are closed and they considered us their trusted advisors. 

Why did you want to work for Skåne Startups?

It was last September when I just started my Master’s in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Lund University. Arlon, our mentor and now the CEO here, took us on a short trip to Malmö and introduced us to Zhenni at The Ground. We mingled for a bit. Even so, I just felt that this community makes me feel “warm”. After that, Zhenni kept us updated with many startup events around this area such as Tech BBQ and The Drop. I would say Skåne Startups is my first entrance to the startup ecosystems here. I feel connected with Skåne Startups because of this very small reason and, thus, want to become more involved.

What is your advice for other talent?

I might not be at the point where I can advise with confidence. But from my gut feelings as the person who is also in the process, I believe in trying my best towards the path I have chosen. Even though I may not succeed, I will not regret not taking action and will definitely learn something along the way. For international talents, I can understand it is a very difficult and uncertain path, but just do your best and you will be rewarded.

What are you unreasonably passionate about?

Random gadgets that have unexpected features. I can just stand there and watch them perform their tasks for a long time. I guess I can easily get impressed by how and why people can think of these ideas. For example, only recently I went to a Uniqlo store in Copenhagen. At the self-service checkouts, I found out that just by dropping in the items without the need to individually scan tags, the machine can identify and calculate the total prices. I was basically standing there and exploring the machine before realizing the long line of customers after me.

From google, this automated system uses radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, thinner than 1mm, attached to each Uniqlo item. This is so cool (at least to me).


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Pasinee Tangsuriyapaisan
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