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Rui He

Story of Rui He

I’m passionate and energetic. I devote myself fully in the hobbies and career I’m pursuing. I’m team player also analytic, I love creating connections with people but also enjoy  focusing on myself and the work I do.

What's your story before Skåne Startups?

I had an academic background in economic statistics and supply chain management. Before Skåne Startups I was a student at Lund University and a sales advisor in H&M.  After I graduated from university I was seeking employment that can allow me to progress and make use of my professional knowledge. Marketing and communication has always been something I’m interested in but lack experience in, and Skåne startups happened to offer me the opportunity to learn and gain experience.

What was your role at Skåne Startups?

My role was communication and marketing coordinator, where I took charge in part of our social media platforms, where I learned a lot about digital marketing and copywriting. Creating original written and visual content for promoting startups events and the startup ecosystem is what I do on a daily basis. Apart from this, I also maintained and updated our startup database.

Rui He was updating the startup database

What did you enjoy the most at Skåne Startups?

I love the working environment and my colleagues. Skåne Startups is a place where I can learn so many new things and still feel comfortable and fun. I have tried a lot of new things with Skåne Startups, before it I had never known the startup ecosystem and venture capital, I have never been in a fundraising event, I have never listened to the pitches from so many passionate and inspiring people. The team taught me a lot of things, not just work-related knowledge, but also the wisdom that I can apply in other parts of my life.

It was very hard for me to talk to people I don’t know and let them see the strength in me, but now I’m good at it. I’m so happy that I can take all the gains and experience I got from Skåne Startups and carry on to the next step of my journey.

Rui He was enjoying a fika at our office The Ground

Can you tell us about your current work?

I will start working as a price and market intelligence coordinator at Bosch Rexroth. This job seems to be very different from my role at Skåne Startups, more analytical, but I do see the similarities too. Because I will be hosting workshops and meetings regarding pricing strategies and market analysis for colleagues from all over the world, this is a skill I have practiced in Skåne Startups.

What is your advice for other talents?

There are many stories I’ve heard that sometimes funding doesn’t go to talented female or minority background founders. My advice is that more opportunities should be open to founders from minority communities as well as to talents from diverse backgrounds.

Rui He (left) and Zhenni Liang (right) discussed the registration plan at The Drop Conference

Something I am unreasonably passionate about?

A good warm meal and coffee, and furry animals. I also really love jewelry and handcrafts.

Rui He was traveling in Europe and graduated at Lund University

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Rui He
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