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Arlon den Teuling


Story of Arlon den Teuling

Arlon is the CEO of Skåne Startups since November 2022. He is earger to add value to the community.

What's your story before Skåne Startups?

I was born and raised in the Netherlands, where I did build communities and worked with entrepreneurship education. When moving to Sweden, Skåne Startups was my first home base. The community was/is incredible, and my first group of friends here in Sweden. I ended up working in a Startup and went into consultancy later on. I'm excited to be back in the startup community again, where I feel at home most.

What's your vision for Skåne Startups?

We will build a community where a diverse group of (aspiring) entrepreneurs can strengthen each other. Skåne Startups will be the facilitator who shows the world what we have to offer and invite them to our thriving ecosystem.

What is your advice for other talents?

Dream big and get practical quickly. Be engaged in the community because there are so many knowledgeable and experienced entrepreneurs around that can give you input along the way.

Something you are unreasonably passionate about?

The potential we have in our region to build world-class ideas. We are the birthplace of many great things that have a global impact. Think about the Bluetooth that came to life in Lund, Android 1.0 with the famous clock that has Malmö written into it, and more recent success stories like Mappilary. The greatest thing of them all is that most are very helpful in sharing their knowledge with the new generations of entrepreneurs.

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Arlon den Teuling
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