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Natalie Saez

Event Manager

What is your story before Skåne startups?

With a Master’s in therapy and a Bachelor’s in fine arts from the US, it is easy to say that I have come a long way from both my home in California and my initial career path. During my time working as a therapist in schools and nonprofit organizations, I wore many hats: therapist, office manager, administrator, team coordinator, etc. Throughout this process, I discovered that what I loved the most was bringing people together to connect, learn, and reach common goals.


This passion followed me to Sweden in 2022 when I relocated with my husband for his permanent work. Shortly after arriving, I started my own enskild firma, began leading multiple art workshops with a business called “Sip & Create,” and gained several private clients. I quickly learned the ropes of event management and could capitalize on my strong interpersonal skills from my therapy days to ensure participants have meaningful, enjoyable experiences. Now, my winding path has led me to Skåne Startups, and I could not be happier to embark on the dynamic journey into the world of startups.

Why did you want to work for Skåne Startups?

Before joining Skåne Startups, I had amassed a considerable amount of experience working within small community organizations and businesses. This environment is characterized by a fast workflow, authentic teamwork, and a genuine dedication to the goals of the businesses, much like the startup world. However, what attracted me most to this field and organization was the incredible opportunity it provides to network with change-makers and learn from innovative entrepreneurs and forward-thinking individuals.

What is your advice for other talent?

Authentic growth, whether as an individual and within your career, is not achievable from within your comfort zone. It is crucial to embrace challenges in order to unlock different facets of your personality and discover new valuable skills. You might even find that you are uniquely qualified for and enjoy a type of work or environment that you hadn't previously considered.


As a career changer, I've discovered that taking risks that push me to connect with new groups of people, engage with different industries, and broaden my perspective leads to increased opportunities and a toolkit I can leverage in the future. You may even find your original passions and skills may evolve into unique assets within your future career.

What are you unreasonably passionate about?

Professionally, I have a strong passion for promoting inclusivity and finding ways to foster authentic and impactful connections between people, whether that be through events, onboardings, or educational trainings. On a personal level, I have a deep love of painting and portraiture and have created art for the past 16 years. I see art as a fantastic window into an individual's unique life experiences and culture. Through the creation and appreciation of art, society can develop a deeper sense of empathy for one another.

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Natalie Saez
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