WiE Breakfast at Mindpark Malmö

Mindpark Malmö was the ideal setting to bring international talents together with stunning projects taking place in Skåne. On May 24, we created a space for collaboration and networking between inspiring, intelligent, and strong women, who dazzled us with their innovative and forward-thinking mindset.

We had impactful discussions about the art of negotiations, cutting a funding deal, bio-tech startups, different approaches to seed investments such as crowdfunding, among many other.

There was an abundance of discussions regarding cross cultural negotiations, international investments and specific focused discussions on female biotech startups. Ning’s expertise on negotiations contributed to knowledge creation for all those who attended. Danyang who is an expert on gender equality explained how equality comes to play during such transactions. Both Celine and Barbara who have expert knowledge in biotechnology facilitated discussions on startups based on biotech ventures. Finally, all the ladies had the opportunity to take tour of Goto 10 which is located in the same premises as our community partner!

Community supporter

Sabina Miradora, Verksamhetsansvarig at Mindpark Malmö


Barbara Terebieniec, a skilled molecular biologist with a broad background in biochemistry, microbiology, cell biology and genetics through a 10-year career. She is interested in novel life science technologies that can benefit human health including clinical research and trials, biotech, medtech, IVD, development of drugs and regulatory affairs.

Celine Krone, co-Founder of MINTH Biotherapeutics AB. She is part of the Health 2B accelerator program at SmiLe Incubator. She works in the research group of Åsa Håkansson, writing ethics applications, planning and initiating a human probiotic intervention to study the effects on the common cold and the gut microbiome.

Ning Wang, an angel investor, senior partner and Head of Executive Search at Retention Group which specializes in recruiting Managing Directors and APAC Directors for Swedish companies in China and Asia. She is also an experienced negotiator and a tutor on Negotiation at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford.

Danyang Wu, she is a business-minded analytics specialist with technical competence, and experience from large-scale retail ecommerce. Currently she works as a senior digital analyst at Sennheiser, a company that produces the world's finest headphones, microphones, wireless systems and broadcast headsets.