WiE Monday Fika and discussion on community building

What do over 60 percent of startups valued at over $1 billion have in common? A community! Have you ever thought why startups invest or should invest in building a community. Be it for its marketing worth or to ensure you get enough ROI from the support of your community or just the flexible nature, building a community will definitely pay off in the long run.

We discussed some of these measures that startups could take when we met a diverse group of global talent aiming at being part of the ecosystem and understanding how community building can help them grow in a relatively new market. Gwendolynn shared her experiences of being part of startup ecosystem in Canada.

Mariana Grau is a talented human resource professional who is passionate about the tech ecosystem and believes in fostering team diversity and psychological safety at the workplace.

Enrika Miltenyte is a purpose-driven person working with a human health-centered approach to research. She works in Biomedical Genetics and is currently pursuing an MSc in Molecular Genetics with Biotechnology 🔬

Mariaje (Susi) Murillo Lage is a passionate communicator, teacher turned entrepreneur is looking for opportunities at growing her Spanish teaching startup.

Gwendolynn HELOUA is an auto-entrepreneur and a Community Engagement lead with experience as a community builder for Montreal NewTech, a non-profit organization specialized in the startup ecosystem of Montreal.

And of course, our very own force behind #womeninentrepreneurship, Thathsara Palliyaguru who is now a part of Malmö stad. So happy to always have you around!